Dome Camera Bracket

dome camera bracket

    dome camera
  • A type of camera with dome cover. They may have fixed or vari-focal lenses. Some come with infrared lighting and some are designed to be tamper-proof (also referred to as vandal-resistant). Armor dome cameras are designed to resist vandalism by using a hi-impact reinforced polycarbonate dome casing.

  • either of two punctuation marks (`<' or `>') used in computer programming and sometimes used to enclose textual material

  • A category of people or things that are similar or fall between specified limits

  • A right-angled support attached to and projecting from a wall for holding a shelf, lamp, or other object

  • support with brackets; "bracket bookshelves"

  • a category falling within certain defined limits

  • Each of a pair of marks [ ] used to enclose words or figures so as to separate them from the context

Dusk over Tokyo; from Bunkyou looking towards Shinjuku

Dusk over Tokyo; from Bunkyou looking towards Shinjuku

I was at the Tokyo Dome earlier in the afternoon for the press briefing about this weekend's XTrail Jam snowboard competition, which I am at on Sunday taking photos for Nippon News. Before I met a friend later, I had some time and went up to the 25th floor of the nearby Bunkyou Civic Centre to shoot a few pics of the view. The sun had dropped but as the lights came on it was pretty good. On a clear day you can see Mount Fuji through the twin towers of the Tocho [Tokyo Metropolitan Government] building in Shinjuku.

It's when I am taking shots like this I wish I was either using 5x4 film again, on a view-camera or, for digital, something like the new D3X. But, those will have to wait for a little while yet. The 5x4 is coming in the new year.

Nikon D300
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
5-frame bracketed HDR merged in Photomatix 2.5.4

Sentinel Bridge

Sentinel Bridge

Just got back from Yosemite. Didn't have much luck. I seemed to get everywhere a day late and a dollar short. These guys were all waiting for some magic light to happen at sunset on Half Dome, but it never came that evening, so I didn't miss anything. There are lots of technical problems with this image. I had the camera set up to bracket five exposures for hdr processing. I just snapped this for fun and that image turned out to be at the two stops under in the bracket sequence, so there are problems.

dome camera bracket

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