High Resolution Dome Camera

high resolution dome camera

    high resolution
  • producing images that are sharp and finely detailed; "high-resolution photography"; "a high-resolution lens"; "high-resolution television"

  • Image resolution describes the detail an image holds. The term applies to digital images, film images, and other types of images. Higher resolution means more image detail.

  • High-resolution schemes are used in the numerical solution of partial differential equations where high accuracy is required in the presence of shocks or discontinuities. They have the following properties: *Second or higher order spatial accuracy is obtained in smooth parts of the solution.

    dome camera
  • A type of camera with dome cover. They may have fixed or vari-focal lenses. Some come with infrared lighting and some are designed to be tamper-proof (also referred to as vandal-resistant). Armor dome cameras are designed to resist vandalism by using a hi-impact reinforced polycarbonate dome casing.

high resolution dome camera - Q-See QSH49L

Q-See QSH49L High-Resolution Dome Color CCD Camera

Q-See QSH49L High-Resolution Dome Color CCD Camera

High-resolution 540 TV Lines, at its finest! Perfect for home and business use, this ceiling mount dome camera delivers reliable and accurate quality pictures. The camera is equipped with a manual Varifocal lens which can be adjusted to your required viewing angle, and provides up to 100 Ft. of night vision in total darkness. Q-See's professional CCTV cameras are designed to meet your indoor home and business needs and are easy to install and operate. For Product Questions contact Q-SEE at (877) 998-3440 or cs@dpsi-usa.com.

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Grand View Point landscape

Grand View Point landscape


Though the lighting wasn't good for photographs, the view from Grand View Point is indeed... Grand. You can look to the south to where the Green and Colorado Rivers join forces.


We had rooms reserved at the Moab, Utah Motel 6 for Tuesday and Wednesday night. This would serve as our “base camp” for visits to the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands and to Arches National Park.

Taking only camera gear and day hiking packs, we left Moab just before dawn on Wednesday morning for our visit to the Island in the Sky area. We stopped on the way into Canyonlands to photograph the sunrise and to look over and photograph the Shafer trail from the rim.

In the 1980s, I had ridden a dual sport motorcycle (Honda XL500) along the White Rim road and up the Shafer trail. I was hoping that the road might be in good enough shape to travel it on this trip with Ed’s Jeep.

After stopping at the Shafer trail overlook we made our way to the Mesa Arch TH parking. We were pleased to find nobody else there. We would not see one other person on the hike in or out nor doing our stay photographing Mesa Arch. A pleasant surprise.

After Mesa Arch we drove to Grandview Point and took a few photos there. Then backtracking we took the side road to the Upheaval Dome trail. It was the first of several geological formations that geologists have yet to agree on as to what formed it. It appears as a giant crater with a light colored “sharp” dome, rising out of its center. I tried some side by side shots there so I could stitch a panoramic photo together later.

We stopped at the Canyonlands visitor’s center on the way back and found that a free “permit” was required these days to drive the Shafer Trail and the White Rim road, so we obtained our pass and headed down the fun, interesting, and exciting route off the Island in the Sky plateau, down the old Shafer cattle trail to the White Rim road, which then runs along an esplanade above the Colorado and Green Rivers.

Traveling down the Shafer and along the White Rim roads in the Jeep, with windows rolled down, was a real treat. There are some rough spots on the White Rim road so it took us awhile to work our way back to Moab (for a mid-day meal).

That afternoon, we drove into Arches National Park headed for the trail to Delicate Arch. The weather came apart on us by this time and the gusting winds were absolutely fierce. Ignoring the blasting winds as best we could we made our way to Delicate Arch. The bad weather kept the number of people down, but the lighting wasn’t the best - - and staying upright in the high gusts of wind took some work in places. Still, we had come to see Delicate Arch, up close, and the hike there was well worth the time.

Leaving the Delicate Arch trail, the wind dropped down a little as light faded over Arches NP. We drove to the Windows Section of Arches and then out of the park as the sun began to set. Somewhere near the Petrified Dunes viewpoint area of the park, Ed sensed excellent sunset light in the offing, and we parked the Jeep off the side of the road, and climbed a small ridge for some photographs.

Ed’s intuition was perfect. Though the winds got cold, we got some of the best light of the entire day for photography, with warm red sandstones in dusk light and the snow covered La Sal Mountains in the distance (Mt. Peale at 12,720’ is the highest peak in these high desert mountains).

A bright moon peeked through the cobalt blue evening skies and storm clouds traveled quickly across the sky. So that is how the third full day of our Four Corners road trip ended; photographing the golden sunset light inside Arches National Park. Fun.


At the start of year 2011, I made tentative plans to take a two week solo “road trip” through the Four Corners area (The Colorado Plateau), during the last half of March. Then, if my wife could get the time needed off from her part time job, I also planned a “road trip” vacation to the Southwest, in April with her.

When I put the plan together for the March trip, I decided to see if an old friend of mine, Ed (Flickr’s: OldWrangler), might be interested in joining me. I volunteered to take my old four wheel drive pickup truck and split the gasoline expense with him. We would each get an inexpensive motel room on the road to serve as “base camps” to hike, photograph, and explore back roads in the Four Corners area.

Not only did Ed accept but he also proposed that we take his brand new 4-door Jeep Wrangler instead of my old pickup truck. That didn’t take any thinking on my part. I LOVE Jeeps and Ed and I have always got along well (decades ago, I worked for him and we had taken a fun road trip together back in 2008, along with my friend John and my youngest son). The deal was sealed.

We left my house in Central Washington early Monday morning on the 14th of March. We returned 12 days and 3,875 miles later

London - Two Domes

London - Two Domes

Yeah, that's the tip of my noggin as I sneakily snap a photo inside St. Paul's Cathedral, where photography is strictly forbidden. I'm bad. At least I had the decency to keep the camera in my bag, not use a flash, and take a poorly-framed photo. That's all tromp d'oeil up there, btw.

high resolution dome camera

high resolution dome camera

Clover Electronics HDC365 High-Resolution Mini Color Dome Camera - Small (White)

Pro Detail: Place the Clover Hi-Res Miniature Dome Camera in your store or inside your home to increase your security perimeter. This camera provides excellent image quality and clarity in all lighting conditions with its advanced image sensor, 1/3" Sony chipset. Rugged aluminum housing will not deteriorate or rust. Keep your home and business safe with the Clover Hi-Res Miniature Dome Camera. This hi-res color dome camera provides you with crystal clear images at 540 TV lines of resolution. Have the convenience of securing your property at all times. The camera comes equipped with a 4mm fixed board lens for clear viewing. It gives you the ability to positively identify individuals by better distinguishing facial features and assures a reliable, secure and cost-effective solution to securing your perimeter. Don't worry about what goes on at your business after closing. Have the advantage of monitoring important areas of your business, such as: entrances and exits, cash registers, stock rooms, aisle ways, windows, safes and deposit boxes, offices, etc. Or monitor your home by clearly viewing your doorways, garage, barn or windows. It's comforting knowing the things you own and the people you care about are safe. This camera includes a 100 foot cable that passes through wall/ceiling mounting base to ensure vandal resistance. Increase flexibility and range in the installation of your camera with a 100 foot extension cable. Conveniently run a single cable for both video and power signals. For Additional Product Specifications Please Contact Customer Service at 877-327-5000

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